Nintendo's NX Might Finally be in Production

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nintendo's next console is a huge mystery, mainly because Nintendo hasn't told us a god damn thing since it was first 'announced' last March. It's supposed to arrive in the first half of next year, and may (or may not) be a console/handheld hybrid. Now it looks like things are kicking off for real. At long bloody last.

According to sources in Asia (via DigiTimes), noted tech manufacturer Foxconn has started conducting test runs for Nintendo's mysterious console. DigiTimes also claims that 10 million consoles are being prepared for launch, which, if true, would suggest the House of Mario is reasonably confident about the new machine. For reference, it took the Wii U about two and a half years to sell that many consoles.

This new information doesn't tell us anything new about the actual console itself, but we can probably expect that to change fairly soon. If phone launches from the last few years have taught me anything, it's that production lines are a gold mine of semi-reputable hardware leaks.

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With a March 2017 launch on the books, we should expect to give us some concrete details fairly soon. It's about time we found out if it really will bring back cartridges, among other things. [DigiTimes via TechRadar]