One-Wheeled Motorbike Sets New and Fairly Unimpressive Speed Record

By Gary Cutlack on at

The part of Guinness responsible for settling arguments, amusing children and selling weighty books at Christmas has added a new record to its database of winners, declaring the world’s fastest monowheel motorcycle to be that ridden in Yorkshire by Kevin Scott.

The top speed? 61.18 mph. Not amazingly fast when compared to cars, normal bikes, trains, diving peregrine falcons and suchlike, but apparently really quite good for something built in a shed and with only the one wheel. Sensing that this might be interesting to people, Guinness sent along the cameras to Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire to capture the small and unimportant bit of history being made:

They call it WarHorse. First the Olympics, then WarHorse beats the world. What a year 2016 is turning out to be for the UK, if you ignore all the good people that died. [Guinness]

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