Online NHS Records, Disease Chat and Apps Coming in 2017

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest effort to make the NHS into some sort of edgy youth brand have been unveiled by the health secretary, which include a new online 111 response system for investigating minor illnesses then getting a call back if it sounds like you might be about to die.

The plans were announced today by Jeremy Hunt, who said 12 "global exemplar" NHS trusts will begin launching their digital services this year. The idea is to eventually let people register with a GP and access past healthcare records online as well, with some or all of these parts possibly in place by the end of next year -- barring the usual massive delays we might expect when the UK tries to do anything more complicated with IT than print out a few forms.

The updated and online 111 advice system will be joined by a list of NHS-approved health apps, ones compiled by NHS England that should also offer advice as to which, if any, wearables might also offer any sort of tangible health benefit. A promise to allow instant access to NHS records online has also been made, letting us get test results and prescription data without having to go and sit in a room full of sick people for 90 minutes.

NHS Digital Chief Executive Andy Williams said: "I am excited by the agenda outlined today and believe we have only just begun to achieve the true transformational change and deliver the real benefits that digital technologies can bring to doctors, nurses, social workers, patients and the public." [GOV via BBC]

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