Only Piers Morgan is Mighty Enough to Destroy the 'Untearable' New Plastic Fiver

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We’ve always known that Piers Morgan, the man every man wants to be, is quite unlike anybody else, but we still weren’t expecting this.

The famously powerful Good Morning Britain presenter gave us all a taster of what he’s capable of at full strength with a couple of extraordinary moments on live telly earlier today.

Clearly irked by claims that the new plastic fiver is near indestructible, Morgan proved his might by flexing his rippling jaw muscles and destroying not one but two of them on live TV, barely batting an eyelid even while being scolded by Susanna Reid. Have a look for yourself.

Twitter people have reacted to the incredible show of vigour by calling for Morgan to be locked up, as his actions may have breached the Currency and Banknotes Act 1928, which forbids the defacement -- but not the destruction, oddly enough -- of banknotes. Not that prison walls would stand a chance against those mighty chompers. Give this guy a movie. [Twitter, YouTube]