Over 900 Stuck Fat People Needed Rescuing by the Fire Brigade Last Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats showing how many times our various fire brigades were called out to rescue obese people have been assembled, showing that a total of 944 of the super-obese needed help getting out of their homes last year.

Called the bariatric rescue, the numbers -- obtained via FOI requests by BBC Radio 5 Live -- show that such rescues have risen in number by over a third since they were first categorised and counted in 2012. The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service tops the league table when it comes to lifting the overweight out of their bath tubs and cutting them out of collapsed sofa frameworks, with 77 rescues needing to be made in 2015-16.

And just when you think it can't get any worse, the numbers don't just include the living. Some rescues see the fire service called to extract the bodies of recently deceased obese.

Chris Jones from the South Wales Fire Service, said of the work they have to do: "Internally we might have to take doors off, move furniture, we may even have to put supporting systems into the house to make sure everything is structurally sound as well."  [BBC]

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