Owner of Satellite On Doomed SpaceX Rocket Wants £38 Million

By Alex Cranz on at

Facebook wasn’t the only satellite owner who saw millions go up in smoke when a SpaceX rocket exploded on a Cape Canaveral launch pad last Thursday. In addition to Facebook’s satellite intended to bring internet to an entire continent, Spacecom, an Israeli-based satellite operator, had a satellite onboard.

And now that it’s just a pile of vaporised junk Spacecom, according to Reuters, would like SpaceX to pony up £38 million. Or give the company a free trip on a future rocket.

In addition to demanding money from SpaceX, Spacecom is also collecting £154 million from Israel Aircraft Industries, who built the satellite that went up in flames.

Spacecom’s request for compensation is the first official one from a satellite owner involved with Thursday’s explosion. While Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is “deeply disappointed” by the explosion Facebook has not yet announced what it plans to do next.

Unlike Spacecom, who has been in the satellite business for over twenty years, Facebook is brand new to interstellar launches, and had put quite a bit of hope into its £71 million satellite. [Reuters]