Palmer Luckey is Perfectly OK With You Becoming a Meatbag Drone Addicted to VR

By Gary Cutlack on at

The founder of Oculus and therefore the pioneer of today's attempt to make VR a popular thing with normal people is, unsurprisingly, completely happy about the possibility of the kids getting so addicted to VR worlds they never come out and learn how to talk to people or hold a spoon.

Well of course that's not what he said verbatim, but it's quite close. Luckey actually told the Telegraph: "I grew up using the internet and social media and I think VR is going to be in the same position. But if it cuts down on real life interactions, that’s not necessarily a bad thing."

Yes, we won't know for a decade or two if sitting on a computer chair with a screen right next to your face all day so you don't have to talk to people, work, or learn any words, is a good thing or a bad thing for humans and society as a whole. It'll probably be fine. After all, social media turned the world into a mass of screaming, racist crybabies, and yet we're all still here, right? Only a few people died. [Telegraph]

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