Pokébot is a Facebook Messenger Bot You Might Actually Use

By Tom Pritchard on at

Some people seem to think that bots are the future, letting us do things online without actually having to resort to human interaction. But at the moment they're all pretty basic, and are only really good for producing a mixed emotional reaction when they develop racist tendencies.

But there's finally one that might prove to be some use: a Pokédex filled with everything you need to know about Pokémon. It's called Pokébot, naturally.

For some this is probably a little bit meaningless, but for anyone who still plays (or wants to brush up on some nostalgia), this is bound to be a great little tool. Especially given there are currently 726 pokémon, with that number set to increase dramatically with the release of Sun & Moon in November. Nobody can store that much information in their heads, even if it were useful in everyday life.

The main feature of this is that Pokébot offers up information about different Pokémon whenever you ask. Nothing too in-depth, but enough to help you understand what that pokémon is, what it looks like, and what it can do. Even the ones everyone should know about already, like Pikachu:

You can also ask it about moves:

Base stats:

And even type resistance and weaknesses:

You can even ask it about moves, and see all the details on how it behaves in battle:

Oh, and don't mistype one of the commands, or else it gets a little bit shirty with you.

Pokébot seems to have information on all the pokémon we've seen in the games so far, meaning there is a lot of information for you all to sift through. The only things it doesn't seem to have is evolutionary data, and where you can catch the damn things. That's a bit annoying, but it's certainly not a dealbreaker.

If you want to have a go for yourself, just head over to the bot's Facebook page and hit 'message'.

[Pokébot via The Next Web]