Restaurants Told to Reduce Sugar in Their Puddings or Else

By Gary Cutlack on at

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is reported to have chaired a meeting of around 100 bosses of the UK's largest and most important restaurant and pub chains, in which he asked/told them to reduce pudding portion sizes and lower sugar content across the board to help tackle the UK's obesity epidemic -- or face a possible future public shaming.

The report comes from The Times, which claims that Hunt told/asked the likes of Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Starbucks to generally reduce the calorific impact of guzzling one of their tasty convenience wondermeals, warning that their future performance on such matters would be monitored and that companies that fail to take action might face inclusion on a List of Shame of unhealthy food providers.

Hunt's quoted as telling the assembled food kingpins that: "We can't ignore the changing habits of consumers. This means we expect the whole of the out-of-home sector -- coffee shops, pubs and family restaurants, quick service restaurants, takeaways, cafes, contract caterers and mass catering suppliers -- to step up and deliver on sugar reduction."

The chief executive of Public Health England also chimed in, with Duncan Selbie claiming it's part of a push to level the playing field so that restaurants and cafes are bound to provide a similar level of balanced food and sensible portion sizes as the supermarkets, so we don't all need the fire brigade to lift us out of the bath every Sunday evening. [Mirror]

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