Royal Shakespeare Company to Sex up The Tempest With Virtual Ariel Avatar

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Shakespeare Company is planning a new version of famed play The Tempest. Which isn't anything unusual. It's probably done two or three at least. What's new about this one is that it'll be using display tech backed by Intel, creating a tech-powered live stage special effects blockbuster.

It'll take place later this month in the RSC Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, where a virtual avatar of Ariel, the sprite, will be used in the performance, overlaid and projected atop the scenery. Mark Quartley plays Ariel and will be wearing a motion capture suit, allowing Intel and The Imaginarium Studios' tech to project him out there without wires.

The show was inspired by this Intel immersive tech demo from 2014... which a whale amazed people. Could work for Shakespeare if they bill it as an extension of the Marvel universe and tell kids there will be CG battles. The version of the projection tech used in The Tempest is shown off in today's new promo video for the play. [RSC via Guardian]

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