Samsung Rejigs Battery Icon to Reassure Customers That THEIR PHONE WON'T EXPLODE

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Samsung’s had better days. The South Korean behemoth’s latest smartphone has basically been trying to kill people, and that’s not a feature we were told about at the launch. These tech companies, they’re getting sloppy.

To prevent any more nasty incidents, Samsung’s recalling Galaxy Note 7s and reissuing consumers with safe (hopefully) units.

To differentiate these newly tamed handsets from the murderous ones, the company’s been slapping special ‘I don’t think I’ll explode’ stickers (probably not what they actually say) to boxes, though it might have been better off reversing that tactic. Nobody would have got hurt if Samsung had just marked the bad Note 7s with ‘I probably will explode’ labels.

Or better still, the company could have, you know, not released a pocket deathtrap.

The stickers aren't enough for the people at the top though. Being an electronics company, someone’s decided it would be more appropriate and impressive to rejig the battery icon on safe Note 7s, switching it from white to green.

Whether or not it chooses to change the icon on dodgy handsets to a picture of a bomb remains to be seen. [ZDNet]