Samsung's Next Phone Display Could Have Hydrophobic Glass

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days smartphones are used so frequently, they need to be quite rugged devices. We already have phones with waterproofing, glass designed to withstand drops and scratches, but Samsung seems to be taking it one step further.

The Korean tech giant has licensed a hydrophobic glass coating from the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Laboratory. The coating apparently has a water droplet contact angle of 155-165 degrees, meaning any water that hits the surface will just slide straight off.

So Samsung's upcoming phones might be more than just water resistant, they might actually work as normal when it's raining. ORL's coating comes from specially treating the glass,  but hydrophobia isn't the only outcome. The glass also has anti-reflective properties, so using your phone outside should be even easier - whatever the weather.

According to ORL, the coating isn't just specific to phones. While we haven't had word from Samsung, the lab says that its coating can be used on any glass-based electronic display. Given Samsung produces a lot of different electrical appliances there could be room to implement the new displays across a whole range of products.

Who knows when we'll see this implemented in our handsets, though. It might be a getting bit late for the Galaxy S8, but maybe the Note 8 or S9?

You can find out more about ORL's glass coating in this video:

[ORL via Slashgear]