Samsung's Response to Explosion-Gate May Be to Rush the Galaxy S8

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It's emerged that Samsung may have botched the Note 7 because of iPhone 7 rumours. Word on the street is that the company's execs decided to rush the phone’s development because of early suggestions that Apple’s latest handsets would be ‘dull’.

So it’s good to see that the company’s learning from its mistakes.

According to fresh reports, Samsung’s decided to bring forward the launch of the Galaxy S8 in a bid to salvage its severely damaged rep… despite that particular tactic being blamed for the predicament it’s currently in.

Whether or not the initial report about trying to beat Apple proves true, consumers have lost a hell of a lot of faith in the brand, and the very idea of another rushed job isn’t going to do the company’s image any favours.

Let's hope this is a load of garbage. [TechTastic via Pocket-Lint]