Samsung's TV Plus Smart/Streaming Service is Coming to the US and UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung had loads to say at its IFA event today, covering everything from new kinds of kitchen goods to UHD TVs and those smartwatches it keeps chucking out. On the boring old services side of things it revealed that its TV Plus hybrid VOD/streaming system is coming to the smart TVs of the West.

Samsung calls this a virtual service, as it works by letting users flip between streams as if they were watching the usual old list of terrestrial stations. This, according to Samsung, makes hunting for things more of an exciting activity, as instead of specifically firing up an app to watch stuff from one particular provider, everything's all served up in one pot for viewers to pick the best parts out of -- with no tiresome signing in, either.

TV Plus has been available in Korea since late last year, where it launched for owners of 2015 and later smart TVs with 33 streams to choose from. Samsung arbitrarily gave these pretend channels numbers between 500 and 600 so they looked like the sort of real channels you might scroll through on a rainy Sunday while desperately looking for an episode of Columbo you've not seen, with content sourced from Korean broadcasters.

Obviously a UK launch is dependent on getting the major player onboard, but all we'd really need to be convinced to give it a go would be iPlayer streams and YouTube clips of 1980s and 1990s music videos. [Samsung via Sam Mobile]

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