Signal You're a Clingy Over-sharing Weirdo With a "Tube Chat" Badge

By Gary Cutlack on at

London is recoiling in horror at the latest idea to try to get people on the Underground to be nice to each other, with attempts to get commuters to wear "Tube Chat" badges and signal they're up for a conversation going down about as well with the population as that time the Nazis flew in all those bombs.

Spotted by numerous people out and about on their commutes today, the freely available jaunty badges advertise their ability to let others know the wearer is interested in a chat, a bit like a real-life version of Tinder.

The hashtag #tube_chat is bringing people together in their revulsion at the very idea of talking to a stranger when they could be frowning at their telephones as if they're doing something important instead, with design-minded people also aghast at the crime of putting an underscore within the hashtag itself.

A "Literally Don't Even Look At Me" badge is the only natural response to this enforced socialising outrage. Hopefully it's a rubbish stunt for a SIM-only mobile network that'll soon go away, as Transport for London has said it's not an official initiative. [City AM]

Image credit: Twitter

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