Sky Snaps up TV Rights to Another Huge* Sport -- Drone Racing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky TV has thrown a staggering -- for us, not them -- $1m at the Drone Racing League, in a deal that will bring indoor drone action to the screens of its subscribers.

In fact, you won't even need to pay more for the hot futuristic racing action, as it'll all be shown on the Sky Sports Mix channel, which is available for free to people with a paid Sky TV package of any sort. 10 one hour shows are promised, with the quad-copters racing around indoor courses and the action relayed in part through cameras attached to their shells, creating what they call First Person View racing.

Which makes it all seem amazingly fast and exciting, and much better than watching the bearded male pilots sitting there with their headsets on and controllers in their hands. It'll make great TV even though there's little chance of death; perhaps only the odd spectator might lose a few fingers.

Sky's not exactly bringing it to the mainstream, though, as its announcement says the events will begin to air on Sky Sports Mix at... 4am. [Sky Sports]

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