So This is Google's Pixel Phone, Then

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new high-res image of Google's own-brand/new-brand mobile has leaked, appearing to show one of the forthcoming Pixel line models and the tweaked version of Google's Android OS it comes with in all its final glory.

Well, we say glory. It's such a generic curved rectangle that it's hard to pull any meaningful conclusions as to whether it's exciting or good from this image, even at full size like this:

So dull they should call it the Placeholder. From the front it is so boring it absorbs all attempts at forming an opinion. What we can see is that as anticipated there's a baffling new launcher in place, with filled-in software buttons and that slide-out Google tab. Why Google would want to differentiate its OS from its OS is a bit of a mystery, but no doubt all will be explained on October 4 when the two Pixel models will be revealed. [VentureBeat]

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