Sony Announces The PlayStation 4 Pro

By Kotaku UK on at

Meet the Neo, officially called PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s a more powerful PS4 that will support 4K and HDR.

“Our goal is to deliver high-fidelity graphical experiences,” lead architect Mark Cerny said on stage during a hardware event today. It’s got a faster CPU, a 1TB hard-drive, and an upgraded GPU. It’ll also play all of the old PS4 games.

Cerny showed off a few games running on Pro — Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, For Honor — and they certainly looked crisp.

This hardware refresh has been expected since March of this year, when Kotaku broke the news that Sony was working on a more powerful iteration of its PlayStation 4 hardware. Microsoft announced their own new console, Project Scorpio, at E3 in June.

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