Spotify Launches Personalised "Daily Mix" Playlists

By James O Malley on at

Last year Spotify launched "Discover Weekly", a weekly-updated playlist for users that would automatically pick out tracks that the company's algorithms thinks the user will like, based on their listening data. And it has been hugely successful - if not a little eerie in how accurate it is.

Today the company has announced it is building on this with the launch of Daily Mix - a series of playlists that will update every day with a combination of tracks that the app knows you already like, and others that it has picked that you might like.

In order to train it, new users won't get access right away - they'll need to use Spotify for about two weeks before it is confident that it can predict what the user will like. And the company says that listeners should be sure to favourite or "ban" tracks, in order to make its track suggestions even more accurate.

Apparently if you've listened to enough stuff, you'll get multiple daily mix playlist options - sorted into different "moods" for your listening pleasure.

It's a clever move and points to another strategy for locking in users, to prevent them switching to the likes of Apple Music: If you make the switch, the new service won't know you quite as well as your old pal Spotify.

To get access to the new playlists, simply fire up the Spotify app on iOS or Android to get started.