Tech Urinal Promises a Blow-Dried Penis Happy Ending

By Gary Cutlack on at

Finally, a use for the endless sensors they keep making. It's the Urinary 2.0, a toilet for men that promises to wash and blow dry the little chap after you've been for a wee, leaving him fresh and clean and ready for whatever the evening may present.

The bad news is the concept device only administers the soapy water for three seconds because of the bloody environment, which isn't enough time to really get into the mood and imagine anything is happening other than you're in a stinking toilet with water spraying on your trousers.

You then get a three-second blow dry at the end of it, which, again, doesn't sound like long enough to be (a) enjoyable or (b) particularly useful at actually drying anything off.

According to inventor it's to be thought of more as a replacement for the entire urinal concept, though, one that could take the modern world's obsession with health and cleanliness and make a killing from people after a truly hands-free toilet visit experience. [La Info via Mirror]

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