The Grand Tour Could be Coming to TV After All

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you love Clarkson, Hammond, and May, but you hate the idea of getting an Amazon Prime Video subscription (or resorting you piracy), I might have some good new for you. The Grand Tour might be coming to regular TVs after all.

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According to Business Insider, there's a secret deal on the table that would see Amazon's new car show broadcast on other TV channels following the online premiere - including one ITV. Originally Amazon said it has no interest in selling the programme to broadcasters, though Business Insider claims to have heard about a secret TV arrangement from sources in the British television industry.

The sources claim that as part of the deal Amazon made with Clarkson, Hammond, May, and former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman, the company agreed to work with talent agency IMG to license 'second-window rights' for The Grand Tour.

Not only would this mean people here might not have to buy a new subscription to watch (as long as they like adverts and waiting), it means The Grand Tour would be available in countries that do not have access to Prime Video. At the moment the service only seems to be available in five countries around the world, so selling international rights to broadcasters is in Amazon's best interest.

IMG has apparently been informally gauging interest in the show for a few weeks now, and ITV is supposed to be particularly interested in the programme. Business Insider's sources claim the broadcaster tried to negotiate a deal last year, though Amazon was having none of it.

Can you blame ITV's perseverance though? Top Gear was one of the most popular TV programmes in the world, and that success clearly didn't come from the name or the BBC. Getting the rights, even if they were second-window rights, would be a big win for ITV.

If there's any more news on this subject, we'll be sure to let you know. [Business Insider via BGR]