The Mercedes-Benz "Van of the Future" Has Rooftop Drones for the Kids to Vandalise

By Gary Cutlack on at

A really quite beautiful upgrade of the white van has been assembled by the futurists and conceptualists at Mercedes-Benz, who've imagined up a van that loads itself and has rooftop drones for picking out the packages and dumping them on the inaccessible rooftops of shoppers.

The drones take care of the final part of the delivery process, with Mercedes thinking it solves the problem of long-distance flights from the warehouse by using the van as a sort of mobile depot; an aircraft carrier that takes troops to the vicinity before the drones fly off do the last few hundreds of yards.

It also fully opens so that an automated packer and loader (sold separately) can slide neatly assembled heaps of things inside, potentially automating everything but the van driving and throwing millions of delivery workers and loaders on the scrapheap:


It's a lovely design and a lovely idea, even though Mercedes has made the massive mistake of assuming drone deliveries will actually happen one day. [Dezeen]

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