The TomTom Touch is More Insightful Than Your Average Fitness Tracker

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

That’s right, I said typed it. TomTom has just unveiled the Touch, a new fitness tracker with a difference. As well as monitoring your steps, heart rate and sleep, it also offers body composition analysis.

Many of us have lost all interest in fitness trackers because there’s only so much you can learn about your health from the number of steps you’ve taken. The TomTom Touch wants to change this, by also showing how much of your body is composed of fat, muscle and chicken pie. Sort of intimidating, isn’t it? Oh, and scratch that last claim.

The company says body composition analysis is a much better indicator of health than a bunch of four-digit numbers plonked next to a picture of a foot. There might be something in that, you know. For instance, if you aren't sure your exercises are working because you seem to be putting on weight, the Touch will be able to tell you if you're gaining fat or getting swole.

“We’re excited to give people fitness information they can really use with TomTom Touch,” said Corinne Vigreux, the co-founder and managing director of TomTom Consumer. “We all know that weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Two people with the same weight can have completely different levels of muscle and fat in their body. TomTom Touch gives more clarity by tracking body composition, so you can really tell whether your efforts are having any effect.”

Look at this guy’s figures. You can’t see his facial expressions but trust me when I say he's quite pleased with himself.

There's also a sports mode for running, cycling and hitting the gym.

While I wouldn’t describe the actual hardware as beautiful, the Touch is low-key and neat, a description you’d struggle to apply to a fair few models on the market currently. TomTom says it's water resistant too, and offers up to five days of battery on a single charge. You can customise the straps and track your progress through TomTom’s MySports app.

The Touch will be available to preorder for £129.99 on September 8th, and will be available to buy at John Lewis, Currys PC World, Argos and Boots next month.