The Tube Heartbeat Map Pumps Life Into the Underground

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Put your hands together for Oliver O’Brien. The UCL researcher (and major map geek) has used TfL data to build the Tube Heartbeat, a magnificent, animated, interactive map that shows the lines of the transport network swell and shrink as passenger numbers rise and fall throughout the day.

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It’s a wonderful visualisation, ideal viewing on a dreary Friday lunchtime.

“Tube Heartbeat combines the power of the HERE Maps API for JavaScript with Transport for London data to map London's busy Underground system,” it says, before hitting you with a handful of fun facts, such as:

Peak time at Leicester Square is after 10pm - the tube is a popular way to get back to homes and hotels after a night at the theatre.
West Ham's morning peak entry is an hour before everyone else! Other stations have two morning peaks.
Some places are changing character. Stratford now has almost as many people arriving as leaving in the morning peak.

You can find Tube Heartbeat here. Hit the individual stations for more info, such as peak entry times and the number of exits and interchanges. [TimeOut]