The White House's New Cyber Chief Has Great Taste in Art 

By William Turton on at

The White House has named Gregory Touhill to a new role designed to lead the charge against cyber-threats. Touhill will be the first-ever Chief Information Security Officer, the Obama Administration announced, and will lead a team “who have been at the forefront of driving policy and implementation of leading cyber practices across federal agencies”.

After 21 years in the Air Force, Touhill filled other high ranking government positions doing cybersecurity work and eventually landed at the Department of Homeland Security. The addition of Touhill’s new position reflects the Obama administration’s increased focus on cybersecurity, which has become a necessary move as sophisticated hacks by powerful nation states increase. The Obama Administration has definitely beefed up its cybersecurity staff, but that hasn’t stopped devastating hacks in other areas of the federal government, like the Office of Personnel Management and the IRS.

This job is a presidential appointment, so this guy could be replaced by a new cybersecurity expert once Donald “Cyber Is So Big” Trump or Hillary “Extremely Careless” Clinton takes office. But hey, at least he’s got this incredible Facebook cover image. Beautiful choice, Gregory.

The White House's New Cyber Chief Has Great Taste in Art