Trump Denies Denying Climate Change

By Maddie Stone on at

Less than an hour into the presidential debate, Donald Trump lied about his record on climate change. Apparently, he no longer remembers describing global warming as a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. The internet, however, does.

“Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese,” Clinton said.

“I did not. I do not say it,” Trump interrupted her.

Here’s what Trump had to say on the matter of our human-induced planetary heat wave, all the way back in 2012:

“I think it’s real,” Trump said in reference to global warming.

A curious change of heart for a man who wants to vastly expand America’s coal industry and rip the Paris agreement to shreds. But perhaps it’s a good thing that a shred of scientific knowledge has finally managed to diffuse into his obscenely tanned head.