Uber Wins New Legal Battle Over Forced English Exams for Drivers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uber has won the right to have a court decide on another of Transport for London's declarations, with the app-based cab company this time arguing that forcing all drivers to take English exams is a bit out of order.

TfL was to have introduced a new requirement from October 1 that all drivers not from a majority English speaking country must take and pass an English exam at a cost of around £200, to make sure that drivers can communicate with their passengers. Because talking to taxi drivers always turns out well and is never a bad idea.

That launch might be in jeopardy now, though, as Uber's won the right to take to decision to a full court hearing. Not only that, but requirements that would force Uber to have a UK-based call centre, and notify TfL of any changes to its app, are also now up for debate.

Tom Elvidge from Uber London, said: “We’re pleased that the judge has decided this case deserves a hearing. TfL's plans threaten the livelihoods of thousands of drivers in London, while also stifling tech companies like Uber." [Standard]

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