Unofficial Release of Google's Pixel Launcher Lets You Cop a Feel Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Got an Android phone? Also want to fiddle with something new seeing as all the mobile illuminati are trying out their new iOS 10 software today? Well there's this -- a ripped and ready to roll version of the next-gen launcher Google is said to be preparing to launch exclusively on its Nexus and/or Pixel-branded new phones later this year.

Available through the limitless bandwidth paid for by Mega, Media Fire and Android Police, the launcher replaces your Google option or your Huawei interface or whatever currently runs atop any Android phone, granting access to the new slidey top tab bar thing that hides away the Google search bar for some reason. We thought Google wanted more hot monetised mobile search results action, not less?

The launcher looks super clean and lovely, or at least it will until it's on your phone and surrounded by mismatched icons for 3D driving games. The release originated from Nexus leaker and developer LlabTooFeR, who said it was all "clean and fluid" in his little pre-dump Twitter review and seemed to enjoy it very much. [Android Police]

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