VR Startup Promises Wireless HTC Vive

By Gary Cutlack on at

A version of the HTC Vive that doesn't require you to be permanently corded to the Matrix mainframe is apparently in the works, with a VR startup claiming it has the full backing of HTC Vive evangelist Valve for its plans to create a wireless version of the headset.

It'll be using a relayer dongle of sorts, as the developer explains: "The way the headset will become wireless is through a small gadget, connected to the headset, but not wired with cables to the PC itself. Instead, the small transmitter, that may be placed in the pocket of the user, sends and receives the signal between the PC and the HTC Vive through Wi-Fi."

Awesome, another accessory. It also makes us worry a little that it'll be like the laggy experiences that promise us we can play games from one format through the network on another device, although seeing as it's all local and there's no ISP involved, it ought to fly as fast as your router can manage.

Quark says it's close to having something to show and is promising a demo may be ready this autumn. [Intu Game via Techradar]

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