Watch This Giant Medway Power Station Chimney Getting Blown Up

By James O Malley on at

The 244m Grain A Power Station's massive chimney is no more. The chimney, which was built in 1979 and has been a prominent feature on the Kent skyline is the latest victim of the demolition of the entire power station, which closed in 2012.

Until about an hour ago, it was one of the tallest freestanding concrete structures in the UK.

Check out the above video to see how elegantly the blast was carried out - it's like a rocket launch in reverse.

What's also fun is seeing videos posted by people watching the blast - and the slightly awkward reaction when no one is quite sure whether to clap, or cheer this end of an era.

The plant, which was on the Isle of Grain, was a grimy oil-fired affair. It's replacement opened in 2010, and runs on natural gas instead.