What to do if Today's Being Ruined by Not Having iOS 10

By Gary Cutlack on at

Is today literally the worst day ever of all time because your telephone is not on the new thing that literally everyone else's telephone has had for literally 12 hours or more now? Don't worry your little rose gold spectacles, help is literally at hand.

If your iPhone is refusing to work andĀ something has gone wrong and you're angry, Apple has some tips over on its help pages. The official advice if you're literally about to kill yourself because your phone's several hours out of date and therefore a useless embarrassment is:

  • Plug it into a computer.
  • Do a force restart by pressing and holding theĀ Sleep/Wake and Home button for ages.
  • Choose Update from the screen that hopefully shows up.
  • Pray that you haven't had your phone bricked and the man in the phone shop is going to make you use a Windows Phone for the next 24 months.

Apple says of the modern post-PC world: "If you don't have a computer, borrow one from a friend." Yeah, just take your complimentary staff bicycle from the campus locker and scoot on over to use Adrian's MacBook Pro. [Apple Support]

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