WikiLeaks Finally Admits it Did Something Wrong

By Eve Peyser on at

WikiLeaks is no stranger to controversy. In July, the organisation posted tons of Americans’ credit card and social security numbers. In August, the “whistleblower site” published dozens of malware links in an email dump from AKP, Turkey’s ruling party. But Sunday evening, the organisation felt it crossed a line, when it tweeted a now-deleted poll that asked users to speculate the cause of Hillary Clinton’s “coughing fits” and “unusual facial and body movements”, which have since been reportedly diagnosed as pneumonia:

WikiLeaks Finally Admits It Did Something Wrong

Tweeting out this poll ostensibly triggered a fleeting moment of self-reflection for WikiLeaks. The organisation acknowledged it went too far, and quickly rectified the error.

The credit card information of individuals who donated to the Democratic Party, however, remains up on WikiLeaks. So does this poll: