You Can Now Use Siri to Make Skype Calls on iOS

By Tom Pritchard on at

iOS 10 brought with it the chance to integrate Apple's virtual assistant with third party apps, and developers are quickly taking advantage of that fact. The latest one to join the fray is Microsoft, which just added Siri integration to the Skype iOS app.

Now you don't even have to open up the Skype app to call one of your contacts, because Siri will do it for you. Just ask, and she will oblige. It's all thanks to the fact iOS 10 stores information about Skype contacts inside the main contacts app. This also means that Skype calls have an interface almost identical to the iPhone's native dialling app, making everything seem more seamless and native.

Unfortunately for business users, these new features are only in the consumer version of the app for the time being. [Skype via The Verge]