You'll Need to Head to the US to Buy Nike's Self-Lacing Trainers for Christmas

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We’ve been waiting 27 years for this… and anybody not prepared to travel to the US in order to buy the ultimate 2016 Christmas present will have to wait a little longer.

Nike’s senior director of global communications, Heidi Burgett, has revealed that the company’s self-lacing trainers -- actual self-lacing trainers -- will hit the market on November 28th. The HyperAdapt 1.0 doesn’t actually look as pretty as the pair first modelled by Marty McFly back in 1989, but it’ll do.

Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to pick up a pair from “select Nike retail locations” in the US, and you’ll have to book an appointment beforehand. Wired got to take a look at how the trainers were made, and -- shock horror -- reports that they’ll probably cost a pretty penny.

How do they work? According to Wired, each shoe features an internal cable system made from fishing line, which a pressure sensor in the sole triggers into action when you slip your foot in. The cables apparently use an “algorithmic pressure equation” to work out the perfect fit, but you can adjust this using a pair of buttons near the tongue.

It’s 2016, so naturally you have to charge these bad boys too, with a full battery lasting around a fortnight. There’s no micro-USB port for this, but Nike includes a magnetic clip-on charger that attaches to the bottom of each shoe. It’s probably best to take them off while hooked up to the mains. [Wired]