Your Jumper's Killing All the Fish Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have found another exciting way in which simply existing and wearing clothes is now a crime against the planet, with research showing that one single machine wash cycle of your extensive collection of acrylic fleeces could release as many as 730,000 tiny plastic microparticles into the environment.

No one's really sure of the damage these tiny plastic filaments might do, but there's the usual menace that they could gradually toxify the lower levels of the food chain and lead to something fairly seismic happening like the sea turning to poison and everything dying.

We're not sure if people die if the sea dies, as there's lots of food available that isn't fish, but it's still probably bad news, at least for the tourism industries of the world, if the sea was to turn into a toxic swamp of plastic and dead sea life.

The jumper pollution horror scare was revealed by a marine study group at Plymouth University, where they don't go so far as saying clothes should be banned; rather that textile design should be altered and sewage filtration systems tweaked to cope with the looming jumper-shedding undersea apocalypse. [Plymouth University via Guardian]

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