4.7 Metres Lopped off Planned London Skyscraper to Protect Aeroplanes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A tower that wanted to be the tallest in the City of London and the second tallest in all of Europe has been told to bend down a bit and stop showing off, with authorities demanding its architects take nearly five metres off the top of the thing to make it safer for air traffic coming into East London's City airport.

The tower, known by its compulsory nickname as the Trellis, and more formally addressed as 1 Undershaft, will now emerge at a final height of 304.9m tall, still over 70m taller than the nearby "cheesegrater" or its nextdoor neighbour "gherkin" constructions that have popped up to delight/enrage Londoners in recent years.

The City of London Corporation is yet to give the building final approval to be constructed, though, with a decision expected to be made before the end of the year. [Standard]

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