4chan's Trying to Get Julian Assange Back Online

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week the Ecuadorian Embassy in London confirmed that it had cut off Julian Assange's internet access, because they didn't want him interfering with the ongoing US presidential election. Now 4chan has concocted a plan to get him back online.

'Operation HotPockets' is calling for people to mob the embassy armed with open mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, and taking shifts to ensure that the WikiLeaks founder is able to stay online.

While the hotspots are going to be password protected, you can see that the password isn't a closely guarded secret. So if you're having trouble with your broadband, head down to Knightsbridge and take advantage of the free internet. If you're willing to risk a connection provided by 4chan, that is.

Assange being cut off from the internet hasn't really impacted WikiLeaks, with the site continuing to publish data about Hillary Clinton's campaign - data suspected of being supplied by Russian hackers.

Later today, however, the denizens of one of the internet's most infamous sites are (apparently) going to converge on the embassy and let Assange take a more direct approach again. How many people actually turn up remains to be seen. [The Next Web]