5000 People Set To Attend Hyde Park Harambe Vigil

By James O Malley on at

Despite the pleas from the zoo that housed him, people won't stop mourning Harambe. The gorilla was notoriously shot by zookeepers last May, after a child got into his enclosure.

This injustice has haunted the internet ever since. And though it happened in Cincinnati, it has affected people around the world - as evidenced by over 5000 Londoners signing up to attend a vigil to the fallen Gorilla, which is due to take place in Hyde Park this Friday.

"He was the best of us all, and taught us to reach out and help others, no matter the costs", says the vigil's Facebook Event. "The gorilla-shaped hole His passing left in our hearts may never be healed", it adds.

"But we can still honor [sic] His memory by coming together to raise a candle in sadness, yet also in celebration."

It'll be interesting to see if anyone turns up, given that Harambe's death isn't being taken entirely seriously - as shown by the promise the organisers make that "We will never forget. May our dicks always be out."

The student who created the event describes himself by saying that "my banter levels are over 9000" on his profile.

Curiously too, the start-time for the vigil is set for 10pm, which will make attendance more challenging - though the recent addition of the Night Tube should make it easier for mourners.

The vigil comes just two weeks after a gorilla at London Zoo escaped its enclosure and downed a tonne of blackcurrant - a story which, mercifully, had a happier ending.