A Video That  Finally Expresses My Feelings Towards Sports

By Bryan Menegus on at

Now, you might be expecting this to be a rant about how irritating sports and sports fans can be. Maybe one about how team loyalties are based solely on regional pride even though many teams’ players aren’t from that city or general area.

How fans argue constantly with one another about the most irrelevant minutia, and whole conversational dick-measuring contests exist to prove whose mental arsenal of said minutia is better stocked. How those same shrieking fools pack themselves into otherwise quiet bars when some of us just want a quiet drink.

But you’d be wrong.

What I learned from the most recent Let’s Melt This video is that every sport needs more flames. A lot more. Does your sport have occasional flames? Keep doing what you’re doing. Does your sport have zero flames? Get it together dude.