All-Electric Bike Hire Scheme Launches in Exeter

By Gary Cutlack on at

The city of Exeter has launched the first city-wide electric bike hire scheme in the UK, with the five hire sites of today -- including one at Exeter Central train station -- hopefully increasing to eight by early next year.

They call them the Co Bikes, with each machine having enough battery capacity to cover distances of up to 60 miles with assistance, depending on how much effort the rider chooses to put in themselves. Members of the scheme can enjoy a ride for just 75p for each half hour, a price that doubles to £1.50 if you just want a casual relationship with the cycles.

Co Bikes boss Mark Hodgson said: "We all know that our cities are becoming more congested and spread-out, and a travel revolution is needed to help people more easily, quickly, enjoyably and affordably reach their business, study or leisure destinations. Electric bikes are the catalyst for this revolution and for an easy, enjoyable, electric Exeter."

Funding's come from all over the place to help jazz up Exeter's streets, with the Department of Transport, Devon County Council, Great Western Railways and the University of Exeter all helping get the city electrified. [Co Bikes via BBC]

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