Amazon Echo Leaks Clip From Lady Gaga's New Album

By Eve Peyser on at

Lady Gaga fans have reportedly “tricked” their Amazon Echos into playing samples Lady Gaga’s latest album Joanne, according to videos posted online. It’s unclear if the leak was a bug or a marketing gimmick. Either way, the trick no longer works.

The videos appear to be convincing, however. A five-minute video uploaded to begins with fan saying, “Alexa, play ‘Diamond Heart’ by Lady Gaga”. Immediately, Amazon’s virtual assistant pipes up with a 30-second sample. The artificially intelligent software then plays samples from the entire album. (I tried to recreate this with my Echo, and was unsuccessful.) Other leaked songs include “Sinner’s Prayer”, “Hey Girl” (featuring Florence from Florence + the Machine), “Dancing in Circles”, “John Wayne”, and “New Girl”.

Clips of some of the songs have already been uploaded to YouTube but probably won’t be there for long:

We have reached out to Amazon and will update the post if we receive a response. [BBC]