Apple Partnered With LG To Make a 5K Monitor Powered By USB-C

By Michael Nunez on at

During its media event today, Apple announced it is partnering with rival LG Electronics to launch a new high-resolution 5K display. The monitor is designed specifically to work with the new USB-C port included on all of the newest MacBook Pro models.

The monitor itself will be branded as an LG Electronics device, an unusual decision for Apple, which has historically protected its branding on all of the new products announced at special media events.

Although the monitor appears to be brand new, LG actually announced it all the way back in September during IFA. The display is being marketed at LG’s first 5K display with USB-C support, and it’s name is officially the LG 38UC99.

According to the initial press release, the display can “transmit content and data as well as charge another device such as a smartphone or laptop at the same time.” It’s currently available for purchase from LG’s website for $1500 (That's £1,232, but the usual bullshit conversion markup).

Apple was expected to replace its 5K monitors after discontinuing the Thunderbolt display port earlier this year. LG has been a known display provider for Apple for the last few years, but this is the first time the company is openly acknowledging its relationship with LG in its stores. So, if you’re looking for a 5K monitor to go with you new MacBook Pro, Apple has a very easy solution for you: Buy an LG monitor.