Apple Sneakily Hikes Price of Existing Mac Range

By Kim Snaith on at

Apple’s MacBook event is now wrapped up, and a whole host of new and shiny MacBooks have been announced - thinner and more powerful than ever, with a couple of new fancy gizmos too - most notably the interactive Touch Bar that replaces those awfully outdated function buttons.

But with prices starting at £1,449 for the most basic 13” MacBook, Apple’s new line is going to be set way outside of many average consumers’ price range. The good news? the older range is still available, including the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. The bad news? Apple has seemingly hiked the prices of its older products, too. Mac Format's Alan Stonebridge tipped us off with a tweet:

We checked it out with a bit of sleuthing thanks to Google's very useful caching feature, and sure enough, compared to just a few days ago, Apple has upped its prices by up to 20 percent. Here's the Mac Mini for a side-by-side comparison.

The Apple Store's listing of the Mac mini from 23 October, cached by Google.

...And Apple's listing of the Mac mini today, new prices et al.

Exactly the same items with exactly the same spec; just whole new prices. The entry level Mac mini faces a 20 percent increase, whilst the most powerful mini will now cost you an extra £150 (18%) than it would have done at the beginning of the week. Thanks very much, Apple.

engadget reported a similar thing last month as the prices of iPad mysteriously jumped up with no prior explanation. After reaching out to them, Apple explained the situation by stating that their prices are set based on a range of factors including "currency exchange rates, local import laws, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business". So perhaps we can assume that the current weak value of the British pound is to blame... or perhaps Apple were just hoping nobody would notice.