Basket of Rumours Say "New MacBook Pros" This Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

A site claiming to have inside links with the Chinese factories churning them out has listed some rumours that may or may not describe parts of Apple's refreshed MacBook Pro line, saying the new machines should be revealed this month.

The report has been dug up by a site called Macotakara that quotes a "reliable Chinese supplier" -- hallmarks of something that's entirely made-up but you never know. It says that the new MacBook Pro will indeed be announced by Apple this month, and it'll also ship to retailers at the same time too. It'll be one of those snap launch things. "You're excited? Well buy one right now before you see sense!"

The site says the new machine(s) will come with support for USB-C and Apple's preferred Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, with traditional USB sockets removed -- and the MagSafe connection is also getting binned off as it was in the single-port 12-inch regular MacBook the company launched last year.

It's also said that the 11-inch MacBook Air will disappear from the range, with the 13-incher remaining the entry level machine for people who want exotic metals and the thinnest Mac on the bus deck. [9to5 Mac via Macotakara]

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