Bin Men Say Samsung Laptops are the Most Thrown Away

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some cracking news has arrived to cheer up the Samsung brand managers today courtesy of a recycling company, which says Samsung-made laptops are by far the most common form of tech waste stuffed in the bins outside offices.

That's according to environmental waste clearance company Envirowaste, which says it's spent the last year tracking the tech waste dumped by offices it services in London. Poor old Samsung topped the bin list with 240 of its laptops being sent out for recycling, which could conceivably be repositioned as good news for Samsung as at least it means there are loads of them out there, even if lots of them are actually literally "out there" in a pile for the binmen.

The rest of the list of junk includes HP-made fax machines, which are obviously on the way out due to digital photos and screenshots, Toshiba laptops which we know from experience are best quickly transferred from Argos bag straight to the bin to avoid 13 months of disappointment, Logitech webcams, Acer laptops and HP scanners, all being dusted down, having the porn deleted off them, and sent off to Africa, orphanages or charity shops, or whoever has the most need for some 1990s tech that might still work. [Envirowaste]

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