Bowie and Prince Storm Dead Celebrity Earnings Chart

By Gary Cutlack on at

Prince and David Bowie are actually doing pretty well for themselves these days, if you ignore the fact that they're dead, with both artists storming the charts when looking at the amount of money earned by deceased rockers, authors and general superstars.

The list, compiled by Forbes, says that in the year to October 1 2016 Prince is estimated to have earned just over £20m -- quite a feat for an artist who made the bulk of his money from touring. Something he's not really able to do now, not unless they charge £44 a head to stroke his urn.

That puts Prince in fifth place on the list, with David Bowie, 2016's other huge music loss, popping up in 11th place by earning £8.5m in posthumous royalties.

The winner, and STILL dead and at number one on the chart is Michael Jackson, whose estate recorded a massive income of £670m in one year, thanks in part to a massive windfall generated by whoever's in charge of his business selling off a publishing catalogue owned by the star. [BBC]

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