Britain's First Robot is Reborn, and it's Major Nightmare Fuel

By Tom Pritchard on at

A few months ago London's Science Museum launched a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild Eric, Britain's first robot. Now he's finished, and he's going on display.

Eric was originally built way back in 1928, and had the capability of standing up and moving his arms all by himself. He was a pretty popular attraction back in the day, but after going on tour he vanished from the public without a trace. Earlier this year Ben Russel, the museum's curator, came across archived records and launched the campaign to have him rebuilt.

The reconstruction isn't quite the same as the original, because they've given it glowing red eyes and sharp teeth. Which, coupled with the retro-robot design, means he looks pretty terrifying.

Eric is on display now, with the free exhibit open until 30th November. After that he'll become part of the museum's Roots exhibition, which is set to open in February and expected to go on an international tour in the near future. [Science Museum via CNET]