BT's Family SIM Lets You Dump Your Monthly Bill on Your Loved Ones

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sick of paying for things? Perfectly happy to let someone else foot the bill for you? BT Mobile’s new Family SIM could be right up your steet.

The new deal, which is being targeted at families for reasons that will soon become clear, lets you link up to five SIMs to a single contract. That means that one extremely lucky so-and-so will be lumbered with the monthly bill, and the privilege of having to chase everyone else for their share.

Using a table with loads of numbers as proof, BT says the Family SIM will save customers a tidy sum in the long run, with more SIMs seemingly unlocking bigger savings. Look.

Each SIM will have its own individual allowance, so if you are forced into bankrolling everyone's happiness, you can always treat yourself to 15GB of data and stick the others on 2GB.

The first SIM you go for on the Family SIM deal will be locked into a 12-month contract, but 30-day ones can be added (and removed) as you wish. Annoyingly though, customers without BT Broadband will have to pay an extra fiver per month.