Cheap Unbranded Carbon Monoxide Alarms Don't Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Which? investigation into the world of the carbon monoxide alarm has unearthed quite a few models that didn't work, with the consumer group blaming the output of one Chinese manufacturer for the flood of unbranded clones that don't do the one thing they're supposed to.

Which? says that brands including ATZ Saviour, Mudder and Binwo, selling for between £9 and £13 are the ones to look out for, with these models not only failing many of their carbon monoxide tests but also coming with baffling instructions that might have users putting them in the wrong part of the home and hoping for the best.

The sad thing is that the models claimed to meet the EU safety standard (EN 50291) for carbon monoxide detection, but didn't. Proving rather sadly that claims on the box shouldn't be taken seriously, especially when they're coming from some no-name pop-up brand.

International warehouse chain Amazon UK said it's removed the unsafe monitors from sale while it conducts a review, while import emporium eBay says it's "working with" sellers to make sure owners are informed, however that may work. [Which?]

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