Chunky Old Nokia 301 Allegedly Takes a Bullet to Save a Man's Life

By Gary Cutlack on at

No one's laughing at the ageing Nokia 301 owned by a man in Afghanistan any more, as the heavyweight not particularly smart phone appears to have stopped a bullet in its tracks and saved its owner from serious damage.

The picture comes from a man on Twitter. He seems like a sensible grow up, although he has an affiliation with Nokia and Microsoft and says he helped create the 301 a few years ago, so there's a chance it might not be a genuine thing and could be a stunt designed to boost Nokia sales in war-torn countries. Here's the pic:


Given the sceptical nature of today's internet and world, the poster was questioned about his claims in subsequent messages, where he said it was handed to him by a co-worker and failed to find an actual source for the story, linking instead to something from 2012 about a Nokia X2 also taking a bullet. Hmm.

But perhaps not everything makes the news and it was taken to a local service centre by its fortunate owner in the hope that a new display might fix it up. [Twitter via BGR]

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